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Fire Sprinkler System Installations for Social Housing

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Fire Sprinkler Installations for Social Housing

If you are looking for a cost effective way of ensuring the protection of your residents in your social housing property then a fire sprinkler system could be for you. The value of a sprinkler system has been widely recognised for improving the levels of safety for occupants by preventing the spread of fire. This is also beneficial in protecting your property too, which is why sprinkler systems are also effective for Housing Associations.

We are aware of the difficulties of fitting a fire sprinkler system in properties with residents already living there, and this is why we endeavor to help install these life saving fire sprinklers in a process that is easiest for you.

Fire Sprinklers Contain Fires Quickly

Fire sprinklers have the ability to stop a fire in seconds. It is the only method of fire protection that does not require manual operation to protect you from a fire. The benefits of installing a fire sprinkler system is therefore extremely advantageous for any social housing owner as it can control, contain and often extinguish fires protecting the property and its residents.

Fire Safety Equipment for Social Housing

Installing a residential sprinkler system could reduce your costs considerably. Using sprinklers as fire protection creates the potential to reduce the amount of costly portable fire safety equipment needed. A sprinkler system could also be useful in promoting your social housing with the benefit of complete and total care of your residents.

Fire Sprinklers & Legislation

The effectiveness of fire sprinklers is such that Wales has recently implemented the legislation that requires all new domestic and residential buildings to be fitted with a sprinkler system. In Scotland, since 2005, it is also compulsory to have sprinkler systems in all care and nursing homes.

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Residential Sprinklers Services

If you have an existing property or are building a new home we have the fire sprinkler installation solution for you.

We carry out maintenance on fire sprinkler systems throughout the UK - keeping your home or business safe.

Fully approved residential kitchen suppression system installers.

As a fully accredited fire sprinkler company we carry out full diagnostic checks on sprinkler systems.


I would like to thank Residential Sprinklers for all the good work you have done in relation to the jobs in Melksham and Ludlow. I look forward to working with you again.

We found Residential Sprinklers Ltd to be an extremely efficient, helpful contractor. The work was of the highest order and we would have no hesitancy in recommending them.

Residential Sprinklers acted fast on a project which needed doing "yesterday", kept to their word and carried out the work tidily. Matt and his team give sound advice and make the process hassle free.