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Fire Sprinkler Installations for Home Owners

Protect your family and property with a Fire Sprinkler System


Domestic Fire Protection For Homeowners

We can provide you with the ultimate peace of mind, so you know that your property, family and possessions are safe from the risk of fire in your home.

As a homeowner, it may seem a rather expensive inconvenience to install domestic fire sprinklers, yet fire safety in the home is paramount and we try to keep things as simple and affordable as possible.

Fire sprinklers are the optimum fire protection systems for you, the home owner. Perhaps you want to protect an expensive private collection, irreplaceable family possessions or most importantly your family. We can offer you assurance of protection with our home fire sprinkler systems. We will give you honest advice and support in regard to the fitting of the sprinkler system in your home, and aim to make the process of it as easy as possible.

Domestic Fire Sprinklers Provide Total Fire Protection

Fire sprinklers provide the most effective fire protection in the home, as unlike fire alarms they not only warn you of a fire, but also importantly attack the fire. A sprinkler system is effectively like having a fire-fighter constantly present in your home. This is why in the UK there have been no deaths in properties protected with a fitted sprinkler system. It's not just a sprinkler, it's a life-saver.

Fire Sprinklers Reduce Water Damage

Sprinkler systems control fire in the rooms of origin, effectively limiting the spread of fire. Additionally, only the sprinkler in the room of origin is activated. This means that there is less damage to your property if fire continues unabated, and prevents the use of fire-fighting hose lines in other rooms reducing water damage.

Fire Sprinkler & Compliance With Building Regulations

Where compliance to Building Regulations cannot be met, our domestic fire sprinkler system may resolve your issue. Building regulations can restrict the process of developing your home due to poor access to fire appliances, open plan designs or loft conversions. Contact us, however, to find out how the installation of our fire sprinkler system could be your solution.

Residential Sprinklers for social housing
Residential Sprinklers for builders and architects
Fire Sprinkler Legislation
Residential Sprinklers for private landlords

Residential Sprinklers Services

If you have an existing property or are building a new home we have the fire sprinkler installation solution for you.

We carry out maintenance on fire sprinkler systems throughout the UK - keeping your home or business safe.

Fully approved residential kitchen suppression system installers.

As a fully accredited fire sprinkler company we carry out full diagnostic checks on sprinkler systems.


I would like to thank Residential Sprinklers for all the good work you have done in relation to the jobs in Melksham and Ludlow. I look forward to working with you again.

We found Residential Sprinklers Ltd to be an extremely efficient, helpful contractor. The work was of the highest order and we would have no hesitancy in recommending them.

Residential Sprinklers acted fast on a project which needed doing "yesterday", kept to their word and carried out the work tidily. Matt and his team give sound advice and make the process hassle free.