Dry Riser Service

Installation and Maintenance of Dry Risers

Dry Riser Installation and Maintenance

Residential Sprinklers Dry Riser Service


Residential Sprinklers Ltd can fit and install Dry Riser systems in your building providing reliable and affordable comprehensive fire protection to your property. Get a competitive quote today for a Dry Riser installation and maintenance plan UK wide.

Where should Dry Risers be installed?

The installation of risers removes the need for fire fighters to have to drag charged fire hoses all the way up through tall buildings which could delay fire-fighting operations or create a hazard during evacuation. If the building has a floor level higher than 18m but less than 50m or has floors more than 10m below ground, the fire main can be either a Dry or a Wet riser. When a building is more than 50m high the rising main has to be a Wet riser. A rising main is a system of pipework and valves, often found in high-rise buildings, which allows firefighting water to be easily delivered to all floors. It consists of a vertical pipe with an inlet at ground level on an outside face of the building allowing fire and rescue service personnel to pressurise the main from their appliances and outlets (known as landing valves) usually fitted in cabinets on each floor that act as outlets, enabling the fire service to connect their fire hoses into the water supply.

The current British Standard used for design, installation, testing and maintenance of Wet and Dry Risers is: BS9990:2015 Non-automatic fire-fighting systems in buildings Code of practice.

Free Dry Riser Installation Quote

Residential Sprinklers industry provide a free Dry Riser quotation by our qualified design team. The quote for the Dry Riser design can be based on a property site survey or supplied scale drawings. We offer very competitive installation quotes and quick turnaround times.

Professional Design and Specification Service

Residential Sprinklers experienced Dry Riser design team will design and specify the appropriate Dry Riser installation for your building to ensure that the Risers are effective and conform with BS9990:2015. When designing and specifying Dry Risers we take into account the security of riser equipment. This equipment is susceptible to vandalism and theft installing them in lockable boxes is the preferred option. All risers can have brass or bronze components and as such are also a target for thieves.

Some premises may require more than one dry riser depending in the property. The number of rising main required is specified by BS 9999: Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings 2008. We will advise you of what you are legally required to install as part of the Residential Sprinklers Dry Riser design service.

We work with architects, builders and property owners to ensure that Dry Risers are positioned in suitable locations in the property with outlets installed at ground level to enable the fire services to connect into the water supply.

We contact the properties local fire service to get their exact requirements for Dry Risers design and install.

Installation of Dry Risers

Residential Sprinklers site engineers fabricate and install fire risers Dry Risers on site in accordance with the installation design and specification.

After install the Dry Riser system undergoes a ‘wet test’ of the system in accordance with BS9990 guidelines and certification is awarded on successful completion of the test.

Installation of Dry Risers

All Residential Sprinkler Ltd installation work comes with a full 12 month Dry Riser guarantee so you can have complete confidence in your system.

Installation of Dry Risers

Dry Risers mains undergo a visual inspection every six months and a wet pressure test should be carried out annually to ensure that there is no leakage. We can provide you with a Fire Riser maintenance and service quote to ensure the Fire Risers are in a fully working condition.

What's included; Engineers check the landing valves to ensure they are in good condition and that they have not been tampered that valves are closed shut to prevent any water escaping. Air release valves are checked at the top of each stack for correct operation.

Where we take over a Fire Riser contact from another provider will undertake a visual inspection as outlined and quote for any remedial work that maybe required.

Out of Hours: In an emergency we can provide an out of hours service and this can be included in the service and maintenance plan.


Residential Sprinklers Ltd design and installation team have over 50 years of combined experience in Dry Riser installation and maintenance. The company is a member of the Bafsa British Automatic Sprinkler Association. Visit our about Residential Sprinklers Ltd. page.


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