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Fire Sprinklers are Essential in New Builds

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Installations of Fire Sprinkler Systems in New Homes

One of the major benefits a fire sprinkler system can provide a builder or architect is additional flexibility to any project build.

It is largely recognised that the most dependable fire protection you can purchase is a fire sprinkler system. Yet the flexibility that one of these systems can offer is sometimes ignored. The progress of a development can be stopped by Building Regulations if fire safety requirements are not met. This can be a large concern for buildings that are unusual or for builds with unconventional layouts. We offer you the solution to this problem in a cost-effective manner with our fire sprinkler system. It will provide you with the flexibility to meet requirements of regulations without having to redesign your building.

Fire Sprinklers & Compliance With Building Legislation

Fire sprinkler systems offer builders and architects the most effective way of complying with building legislation if building regulations are struggling to be met. In developments where the means of escape or access for the fire brigade does not meet legislation, sprinklers in many cases have been used as a compensating feature. In some developments they have been installed as a cost saving system where the building authority has permitted these instead of other escape facilities.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Easy to Install in New Homes

We endeavour to make the process of installing fire sprinkler systems as easy as possible for you. In new developments this process can be made even easier. We can work alongside you in the early stages to fit the sprinklers almost anywhere you wish, giving you great savings on potential costs of not meeting fire safety requirements and importantly granting you further design freedom.

Fire Sprinklers Designed To Industry Standards

The fire sprinkler systems that we design all meet industry standards. We can therefore guarantee you get one of the best fire protection products on the market, giving you the architect or builder assurance in our product and freedom in your designs.

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Residential Sprinklers Services

If you have an existing property or are building a new home we have the fire sprinkler installation solution for you.

We carry out maintenance on fire sprinkler systems throughout the UK - keeping your home or business safe.

Fully approved residential kitchen suppression system installers.

As a fully accredited fire sprinkler company we carry out full diagnostic checks on sprinkler systems.


I would like to thank Residential Sprinklers for all the good work you have done in relation to the jobs in Melksham and Ludlow. I look forward to working with you again.

We found Residential Sprinklers Ltd to be an extremely efficient, helpful contractor. The work was of the highest order and we would have no hesitancy in recommending them.

Residential Sprinklers acted fast on a project which needed doing "yesterday", kept to their word and carried out the work tidily. Matt and his team give sound advice and make the process hassle free.