PAFSS Kitchen Guard


Residential Kitchen Pneumatically Actuated Fire Suppression System

Why Choose PAFSS KitchenGuard Installers


The Problem

Cooking food by deep-frying can be dangerous if something goes wrong. Around 16,000 domestic fires start every year when food is being deep fried. ROSPA statistics ( report around 3000 people a year are being injured. Multi-user kitchen environments, such as student accommodation, HMO’s, blocks of flats or other multi-occupancy buildings can present a particular problem with regard to the risk of fire in their kitchens. Unattended or forgotten cooking activities can often be the most common way that these fires start.

The PAFSS Solution

PAFSS KitchenGuard Mini is a fully automatic fire suppression system which uses much of the same technology and performance characteristics as a fully approved commercial kitchen suppression system that complies with LPCB standard LPS 1223. Based on simple principles and reliable functionality, requiring no electrical power for activation, PAFSS KitchenGuard Mini is a clear and logical choice.

System Operation

PAFSS KitchenGuard mini is a 2 litre wet chemical indirect fire suppression system. It utilises a linear, pressurised detection tube which is positioned under or within the extract hood and which is connected to a cylinder containing the wet chemical extinguishing agent.

PAFSS Features

  • Simple, high quality system.
  • Quick and unobtrusive to install.
  • Easy for retrofit or new build projects.
  • Fast, automatic activation.
  • Does not require connection to mains power to function.
  • Highly reliable detection tube is unaffected by oil, dirt and kitchen grease.
  • Flexible detection tubing is fixed adjacent to the risk, enabling fast effective detection.
  • 99% biodegradable wet chemical extinguishing agent.
  • Excellent cleaning and fat-dissolving properties.
  • Systems can be quickly returned to service with no need for a costly clean-up operation.
  • The system includes a pressure gauge with switch contact option, which can be used to isolate the power supply to the appliance or can be connected to notify the fire alarm or building management system.
  • Cylinder containing the wet chemical extinguishing agent can be mounted horizontally or vertically, within 2 metres of appliance centre.
  • One periodic 12 monthly service and inspection required by trained and qualified engineer.


Fire testing of the CE certified KitchenGuard Mini system confirms that 2 litres of the wet chemical agent is capable of extinguishing a 45 litre cooking oil fire. Far in excess of the size found in any residential domestic kitchen.

Installation, Periodic Annual Service & Inspection

PAFSS KitchenGuard Mini systems are installed, commissioned and serviced by our own in house engineers.

Operation and maintenance manual and end user training with regard to monthly inspections are provided upon handover and commission.

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If you have an existing property or are building a new home we have the fire sprinkler installation solution for you.

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Fully approved residential kitchen suppression system installers.

As a fully accredited fire sprinkler company we carry out full diagnostic checks on sprinkler systems.


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