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Fire Sprinkler Systems For Rented Properties

Residential Sprinklers for landlords with multi-occupancy properties


Residential Sprinkler Protection For Private Rented Property

In order to protect your property and its occupants from the destruction of fire in the most effective way you need a fire sprinkler system.

As a landlord, you may not have the ability to always check on your property and ensure the correct precautions preventing the breakout of a fire are maintained. With our help, however, we can ensure that if a fire does break out then your property and its occupants will be protected in the most efficient way, as our fire sprinklers have the ability to suppress and eventually put out a fire.

The potential inconvenience of installing a fire sprinkler system into your private rented property will not out weigh the disruption a fire can create. We therefore aim to make the installation of our fire sprinklers as easy and affordable as possible giving you peace of mind.

Installation of Fire Sprinklers For Multi-Occupancy Property

Fire can be a serious risk and concern if you own a multi-occupancy property. Let us help alleviate the potential stress of this with our fire sprinkler system. The importance of a sprinkler system is such that it allows occupants to escape safely, as only the sprinkler in the room of the fire's origin is activated. This also ensures independent living of your occupants.

Fire Sprinklers Reduce Water Damage

Although fire-fighting hose lines are effective they can also be damaging to your property. This can be prevented through a fire sprinkler system. Not only will this limit the spread of the fire, making less room for the potential use of the fire-fighting hose line, but sometimes they can stop the fire alone altogether.

Fire Sprinklers & Legislation

The installation of fire sprinkler systems is increasing in the UK. Scotland have made it compulsory for sprinklers to be fitted in buildings above 18m, all schools, care homes and sheltered accommodation. In 2013 Wales changed their legislation to take this further, by requiring the installation of sprinklers in all new houses and flats from January 2016 and all new high risk properties which include care homes, student halls of residence, boarding houses and certain hostels as of April 2014. This indicates the effectiveness of a sprinkler system.

Residential Sprinklers for social housing
Residential Sprinklers for builders and architects
Fire Sprinkler Legislation
Residential Sprinklers for private landlords

Residential Sprinklers Services

If you have an existing property or are building a new home we have the fire sprinkler installation solution for you.

We carry out maintenance on fire sprinkler systems throughout the UK - keeping your home or business safe.

Fully approved residential kitchen suppression system installers.

As a fully accredited fire sprinkler company we carry out full diagnostic checks on sprinkler systems.


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